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Corporate Bridge of Risk Management. Pakistani Employees background screening services provider


orporate Bridge of Risk Management. Pakistani Employees background screening services provider.

Corporate Bridge of Risk Management (Pvt.) Limited. Registered office at the Islamabad Capital of Pakistan.
“Risk is like a fire if controlled it will help you if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.”

There may be many events and happenings in business life to take place in future, some good and some bad, which can affect your goals and objectives. Managing risk is the very essence of business survival and growth. We have a proactive approach that attempts to prioritize the risks that can be happen so that you can improve the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Approximately 53% of resumes/CVs contain fabrications or lies. Find out if your job candidates really are all they claim to be. CBRM is a privately-held company providing leading services of pre and post-employment screening, background screening, due diligence investigation, national and international registrations, Public record documents verification, litigation matters and financial services indifferent countries.

We Conduct highly competent investigative interviews and thoroughly versed and vetted in all types of workplace investigations concerning fraud, white-collar crimes, theft, substance abuse and other forms of workplace misconduct. This enables us to provide you, the employer, with comprehensive analysis. Our Management team is highly skilled in solving complex business problems, reducing risk and improving employee morale.

CBRM is committed to providing long-term solutions with uncompromising ethics, trust, excellence, accuracy, and passion for protecting today’s building tomorrow’s.

It is composed of five specialized core business Pillars.

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