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Pre and Post Employment Screening

Employment screening services and employee background checks are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety. Employers, more than ever before, need to protect themselves against accidents and crimes committed by their employees. With negligent hiring, lawsuits, training costs, workplace violence and theft on the rise, pre-employment screening as well as taking the correct pre-employment screening steps are no longer an option, but rather a necessity for businesses.

Employment screening is considered common place in today’s world, because employers recognize that the success of their businesses depends upon the quality and character of their employees. For a business to remain viable and successful, it must keep and maintain its most valuable asset which is the employees. The key to prospering the business and guarantee its success is a strong and productive workforce through empowered employees which must also be dependable and trustworthy. True, being productive is not only the answer but with trustworthy workers, safety and security of the business are ensured as well. With this, the question of why business owners needs background check as part of its recruitment process equates the importance of it in the business by ensuring that what are being hired are upright personnel. After all, one of the fears that business owners face is that they might hire people that may have history of crimes which will eventually commit it again while at work.

CBRM proprietary employment background screening practices reduce the risk associated with industry-wide hiring decisions. With the implementation of our employment screening services, we give you the insight you need to uncover the unknown facts, quickly and easily.

We have two plan of screening. One is “Basic Plan” of pre and post employment screening includes name confirmation, dates of employment, title / duties / responsibilities, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, any comments offered, and any discrepancies.
Second is “Comprehensive Plan” of pre and post employment screening at little more additional charge. “Comprehensive Plan” is a real powerhouse screening. In addition to everything in the “Basic Plan”, we interview former supervisors and professional references. This gives you information beyond the facts of employment. It provides insight into performance, attitude, interpersonal skills … important feedback for determining how to best manage the individual and whether s/he fits your corporate culture.

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Employment screening services and employee background checks

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