Financial Planning and Investigations

Financial Planning and Investigations

Financial planning professional service on today to identify both risks and rewards in planning their tomorrow’s financial wealth. Whether they are in an accumulation, conservation, or retirement phase of their lives, a properly structured financial plan enables individuals to face any financial challenge that may emerge.

Through the financial planning process, we can help individuals and companies assess their financial needs and design strategies that will enable them to achieve their short-term and long-term goals and strengthen their financial security. This process facilitated through an initial evaluation, the creation of a strategic plan, implementation, and ongoing monitoring.

Initial Evaluation (The driving force behind a long-term plan)
In this first, critical phase we chart the financial course of our client by requesting comprehensive information from each client and evaluating the information provided. Proper consideration is given to both monetary and non-monetary goals. This essential phase is the driving force behind a long-term, successful financial plan.

  • Net-worth review
  • Investment performance evaluation
  • Goal setting
  • Estate and income tax overview
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Overall special needs analysis
  • Insurance needs analysis

Strategic Planning (Comprehensive planning for your tomorrow)

Once the needs and goals of our clients are understood, we work together with our clients to form a strategic plan to accomplish their future goals. We are there to guide our clients along the journey. As part of our comprehensive planning, we focus on the following strategic areas, as identified by each client.

  • Investments
  • Investment
  • Wealth preservation
  • Risk management
  • diversification
  • Wealth transfer
  • Income tax
  • Charitable giving
  • Business succession
  • Stock options
  • Retirement
  • Estate

During the implementation phase, we execute our client’s strategic plan. This includes…investment allocation, income tax, charitable giving, estate tax, retirement, education, and special needs.

Ongoing Monitoring (The source of creative ideas and solutions towards building your tomorrow financial wealth)
The financial planning process is an ongoing and interactive partnership with our client in which we can continue to provide insights and refine the plan to reflect our client’s needs and goals — as agreed with each client. The plan is not just a report; it is a source of creative ideas and solutions to help our clients build tomorrow wealth.
1. Measure investment performance
2. Quarterly reporting
3. Continued strategic assessment and refinement, as requested by each client.

Investigation Services

Financial Analysis and Investigations

Planning, budgeting, monitoring, forecasting, and improving of all financial details.

Financial Planning and Investigations

Financial planning professional service on today to identify both risks and rewards

KYC or Due Diligence Investigations

We ensures you know your customer and from where their money is coming

Intellectual Property Infringement

We help in original creative thought, as patents, copyright material, and trademarks.

Cyber Crime Investigation

Where businesses are exposed to criminal activities, there is a need to prevent them

Fraud and White Collar Crimes

We have experience of providing fraud counseling and white-collar criminal matters.

Debt Collection

We have a proven track record of successful commercial debt collections

Repossession Services

CBRM can be hired by a lender or his agent to take back items that were bought on credit