KYC or Due Diligence Investigations

KYC or Due Diligence Investigations

KYC or due diligence investigation process that ensures you know your customer and from where their money is coming. Banks, financial institutions and other regulated companies must now, by law in some countries, perform a KYC check to identify their customers and ascertain relevant information pertinent to deal with them.

The Anti Money Laundering Ordinance, 2007 requires strict reporting and investigation procedures, where the onus is on companies like yours, to prove you “know your customer”. No longer can a company plead ignorance, or claim they “did not know” a client or customer may or may not have been associated with terrorism or money laundering.

Legislation, and more importantly “penalties” have been passed to ensure businesses including financial institutions such as mortgage managers, brokers, fund managers, bullion dealers, as well as companies in the legal, accounting & bookmaking professions must now perform a KYC background check on any customer who “may” pose a threat of money laundering / terrorist financing.

Unlike other KYC specialists, we can provide clients with unique “Due Diligence investigation Reports” sold individually, at very competitive rates. Talk to Our management team about developing a KYC plan that ensures you are compliant.

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