Background Vetting and Screening

Background Vetting and Screening

Our Background Vetting and Screening service is an umbrella body to the many organizations. Through our thorough screening processes, we are able to ensure the suitability of individuals for any given position.

Our company is registered body and established after a long international market research in background vetting screening .we pride our self on the high quality of service we provide to our clients and recognize the importance of providing you with accurate, thorough and timely information.

Through our ability to access and research a comprehensive range of registered databases, we can provide clarity and eliminate doubt with the following checks

Types of Background Checks
There are several types of background checks that can be done on people who have applied for jobs, such as criminal record checks, credit checks, past employer checks Education Checks and driving records. It is important for business owners to be cautious when employing people and checking out their past gives them a security against any future liabilities that can happen due to negligent hiring practices. Checks are as under

  • Employment Checks
  • Education Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity and Address Check
  • Credit Check
  • Character Reference Check

Major Checks

Education Checks The practice of conducting effective education background verifications for prospective employees has exploded in the workforce over the last 15 years. The need to hire the most qualified candidates, and the inherent risk in hiring the wrong candidates, has never been greater. The costs of not performing a proper degree check can be costly for employers due to unqualified workers and resume fraud.

CBRM can provide all of your education degree, Diploma, Certificate or high school background checks. We have developed a good and effective relationship with many renowned colleges and universities of the world. The CBRM Confirmation on education checks save your time, energy and workforce safety.

Criminal background checks involve checking the past criminal history to see if there have been any criminal activities in the past. This information can be procured from either the public courtrooms or the police department.
Driving records should also be checked of people who are being considered for hiring in positions where they have to drive a vehicle. These records provide important information such as his driving license details, any accidents the person may have been involved in, or if the individual has even been caught for driving under the influence, etc.CBRM can perform criminal background checks with devoted team of private investigators and screening specialists.

Credit checks are done on people that are seeking employment in the financial positions. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires proper credit checks prior to employing people. It becomes all the more important if the position requires dealing with huge amounts of money. There are two types of credit checks – one is the consumer credit reports and the other, being investigative consumer credit reports. An analytical credit report consists of a written report as well as interviews with close people such as their neighbors and friends.
Other background checks include social security number checks, previous employment checks

Screening Services

Employment Screening

Employment screening services and employee background checks

Background Vetting

we are able to ensure the suitability of individuals for any given position

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We provide the service of locating missing persons and skip tracing

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We provide legal documents services to legal firms and other financial institutions.